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  • Pro-Force 50 Spot On Fly Control 

    Manufacturer: Manna Pro Corp

    Pro-Force 50 Spot-on offers a great option for horse owners looking for long acting fly control.

  • Opti-Force Fly Spray 

    Manufacturer: Manna Pro Corp

    Provides repellency and quick knockdown from biting and nuisance flies, gnats and mosquitoes (Culex spp.) that may transmit West Nile Virus.

  • Nature's Force Bug Clear 

    Manufacturer: Manna Pro Corp

    Nature's Force Bug Clear is a feed supplement for horses and ponies to help keep insect pests away naturally.

  • Equine Fresh Pine Pellets 

    Equine Fresh® pine pellets horse bedding cuts stall cleaning time in half! It is easier and more economical than shavings. The pine pellets are dust free, mold, bacteria and insect resistant.

  • Ulcerguard® Paste For Horses

    Manufacturer: Merial | Boehringer Ingelheim

    Stomach ulcers can occur in as little as 5 days, even in recreational horses. ULCERGARD can be used during periods of stress to help prevent equine stomach ulcers. In addition to providing ULCERGARD during times of stress, you can help reduce the risk of stomach ulcers for your horse by increasing grazing time, providing free access to hay and feeding grain in multiple, small meals. Feeding alfalfa is also recommended for its buffering action. While some nutritional supplements may also support digestive health, make sure they are from a trusted source and are backed by independent research.

  • HorsLic Performance 40 lb.

    HorsLic Performance is an all-natural, low-moisture supplement that delivers essential nutrients and omega-3 fatty acid benefits 24/7 to help maintain horse body condition, hair coat, skin tissue and hoof condition and overall performance.

  • DMSO 4oz Gel

    Manufacturer: Valhoma Corporation

    DMSO 4oz Gel

  • Squire® Drawing Salve

    Manufacturer: Neogen

    Drawing salve for use on hooves, nails and skin of horses and dogs. Relieve skin irritations. Treat dry, cracked horse hooves. Versatile topical wound ointment contains 20% Ichthammol. Use on wounds, minor skin irritations, hooves, inflammations, and more. Works as an emollient and mild antiseptic. Relieves itching and helps draw out infection and pus from open sores and wounds. Simply apply to affected area twice daily with or without a bandage.

  • Bickmore® Gall Salve Wound Treatment for Horses

    Bickmore’s Gall Salve has been a proven medication since 1892. It’s the preferred treatment for any wound, cut, sore, or scrape a horse can get. As a multi-purpose, topical antiseptic ointment, it has a unique combination of emollients to soften, soothe, and lubricate damaged skin.

  • Corona® Veterinary Liniment

    Manufacturer: Manna Pro Corp

    An outstanding horse liniment that aids in temporarily addressing muscle soreness and achy joints. For over 100 years, Corona has been protecting the health and vitality of horses. Our Veterinary Liniment is an outstanding horse liniment that provides relief for your horse. 16 oz.

  • The Rain Buster Equine Winter Blanket

    Manufacturer: Chem Tac, Inc.

    A waterproof Turn Out Blanket designed for the South. Same quality features as our higher priced Turnout, just less fiberfill insulation. Available in black, royal blue and turquoise.

  • Gold Medal Blanket Equine Winter Blanket

    Manufacturer: Chem Tac, Inc.

    The channel stitched shell is a premium 420 denier water repellent nylon with 300 grams fiberfill to keep out winter cold. 70 denier nylon lining to keep warmth in. West coast leg fittings. Open front. Contoured fit. Available in: red, navy blue, hunter green or royal blue. Matching hoods available.

  • Spurr's Big Fix Hoof, Wound & Skin Spray Solution for Horses

    Effective in fighting thrush and white line disease. Effective on abscesses. Effective as a hoof dressing and conditioner. Helps brittle wall, nail holes, cracks & chips. Aids in regrowth of hair, mane and tail. Effective in treating & clearing up rain rot. Effective on fungus. Effective as an antiseptic for treating wounds, cuts and scrapes. Soothing conditioner for skin irritations due to bug bites or allergies.

  • MoorMan's® GROSTRONG® Minerals for Horses

    Manufacturer: ADM | Archer Daniels Midland Co.

    GROSTRONG® Minerals provide the necessary minerals and vitamins to complement forages and grains, enabling horses to reach their performance potential.  GROSTRONG®  Minerals is  a vitamin-mineral  supplement for  all classes  of horses;  available  in granular  form  (5-lb, 25-lb, and 50-lb  bags, 25-lb  blocks, or  25-lb QuadBLOCK. GROSTRONG®  Minerals is  the vitamin-mineral supplement of choice  when  feeding  low  calcium grass  forages  to horses.

  • ProZap® Zipcide Dust 2# Shaker Can RTU Dust

    Manufacturer: Durvet Animal Health Care Model: 1119530

    For use on dairy cattle, beef cattle, swine and horses. Shaker can, easy to use for fly and lice control on beef and dairy cattle. For lice control on swine. Controls horn flies on horses. Also great for animal bedding.

  • Alfalfa Bales

    Alfalfa is a legume hay and is higher in protein and other essential nutrients verses grass hay and protein is necessary for tissue growth and development in young horses and broodmares. Horse quality alfalfa mixed with clean grass hay or managed pasture time is a excellent recommendation and a very balanced diet.

  • Grainland Select® Alfalfa Pellets

    Manufacturer: Purina Model: 2671019-206

    100% pure natural chopped alfalfa pellets. Pellets can be supplemented with current feed sources or substituted as a total roughage replacement. No waste, no leaf or stem loss, less dust. Forage pellets are gaining popularity as an alternative to feeding long-stem hay. Supplemented with the proper minerals, alfalfa meets the daily nutritional requirements of most horses.

  • Endure® Sweat-Resistant Gallon Refill Fly Spray for Horses

    Manufacturer: Farnam Animal Health Care

    An effective fly spray that won't sweat off! Stays active and keeps working, even in wet conditions, providing up to 14 days fly control. RepeLock® conditioner binds to the hair shaft and won't sweat off. 1 gallon.

  • Zimecterin® Gold Equine Dewormer

    Manufacturer: Merial | Boehringer Ingelheim

    Your horse deserves protection from parasites. Whether your horse is in a stall, on a pasture or at a show, it can be infected by any number of equine parasites harmful to its well-being. Parasites can cause organ damage and respiratory problems, and contribute to colic, which sometimes results in expensive surgery or even death.

  • Purina® Nicker Makers™ Horse Treats

    Manufacturer: Purina

    Show your love with Nicker Makers®. Your horses will love the crunch and hint of molasses, and you’ll love their reaction! Purina® Horse treats are a perfect nutritional complement to any horse feed, so you can feel good about rewarding (or just spoiling) all of your equine children. Click here for guaranteed analysis and more information.

  • Purina® Impact® Mature Active 10% Textured Horse Feed

    Manufacturer: Purina

    Support your horse’s active lifestyle with  Impact® 10% Mature Active Horse Feed. Formulated with premium nutrition which provides the necessary calories and nutrients for mature horses at maintenance through moderate activity. 10% Protein for active horses on high quality forage. Added Beet Pulp provides high quality digestible fiber. Added Fat from vegetable oils for sustainable energy and a shiny hair coat. Vitamin & Mineral Fortification supports bone strength and immune function.

  • Mane n' Tail® Shampoo

    Manufacturer: Straight Arrow

    Rich fragrant lather provides “down to the skin” cleansing action, perfect for getting all dirt and debris from the coat, mane and tail, without stripping natural oils. A gentle pH balanced formula provides optimum body, shine and manageability. Micro-enriched protein formula fortified with moisturizers and emollients that condition leaving coat, mane and tail soft and shiny. Regular use enhances coat health and appearance.  32 oz.

  • Mane n' Tail® Conditioner

    Manufacturer: Straight Arrow

    Nourishes and conditions hair and skin to aid healthy hair growth leaving a lustrous, silky look. Exclusive protein enriched amino acid formula with a unique properties that conditions and strengthens, preventing hair breakage. Moisturizes to help eliminate itching and scaling caused by common external irritants. 32 oz.

  • Sav-A-Caf® Grade A Ultra 24 Multi-Purpose Milk Replacer

    UPC: 616368428044 Manufacturer: Sav-A-Caf Model: 42804

    Grade A Ultra 24 is truly the "Gold Standard" for multi-purpose milk replacers. This product is made with 100% milk proteins for optimum digestibility and performance in calves, foals, baby pigs, puppies, lambs, goat kids, llama and alpaca crias, fawns and elk calves. It is also formulated for use as a nursing supplement in kittens.