• Victor Select Multi-Pro Maintenance Dog Food

    Manufacturer: Mid America Pet Food

    This is naturally formulated dog food containing added vitamins and minerals and other additives that work together to support a strong immune and digestive system. As with all Victor dog foods, this formula is free from Corn,Wheat,Soy or Glutens and is also made using wholesome grains! This nutritionally balanced food is formulated for Maintenance.

  • Victor Select Professional Dog Food

    Manufacturer: Mid America Pet Food

    Formula has been used for years by professional dog breeders, kennels as well as owners of active sporting dogs. This is a food that works for Lactating Females, Puppies, Growing and Highly Active Dogs. A true high protein / low carb All Life Stages formula.

  • Victor Select High Energy Dog Food

    Manufacturer: Mid America Pet Food

    Formula is an excellent choice for Highly Active Sporting Dogs.This no Corn,Wheat, Soy or Gluten formula is also free from processed grain by-products such as Rice Bran,Wheat Midds etc.

  • Sav-A-Caf® Electrolytes Plus® Multi Species Supplement

    Manufacturer: Sav-A-Caf

    Electrolytes Plus is our best-selling, most versatile hydration supplement. Dextrose and glycine help to optimize electrolyte absorption and provide readily available energy. Sodium bicarbonate helps to correct metabolic acidosis often associated with dehydration. Kaolin absorbs toxins and helps to protect the digestive tract from damage due to scours pathogens.

  • Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine® Formula

    Manufacturer: Diamond Pet Foods

    With Roasted Bison & Roasted Venison. A grain-free formula with sweet potatoes and peas provides highly digestible energy for your active dog.

  • GREENIES® Pill Pockets®

    Manufacturer: Nutro Pet Food

    GREENIES® PILL POCKETS® Canine Treats are 100% all natural tasty treats with a built-in pouch — ideal for hiding a tablet, capsule or liquid medication — so that most dogs don’t even notice there’s medicine inside. They’re the #1 veterinarian-recommended choice for giving pills.

  • Vetericyn® Canine Eye Wash

    Manufacturer: Innovacyn

    Used for flushing, cleaning and treating wounds and infections to the eye. Vetericyn® Canine Eye Wash cleans and treats eyes affected pollutants, contaminants and infections caused by bacteria, virus or fungus.

  • Vetericyn® Wound & Infection Spray

    Manufacturer: Innovacyn

    Non-irritating and antibiotic-free Vetericyn® Wound Spray helps debride, rinse, and eliminate odors in wounds and is
    scientifically designed for a wide variety of wounds, ulcers and abrasions in both companion pets and horses.

  • Vetericyn® Canine Hot Spot Spray

    Manufacturer: Innovacyn

    Vetericyn® Canine Hot Spot Spray is a one-step topical spray that cleans wounds, treats infection and kills bacteria including antibiotic-resistant MRSA. Use to treat hot spots, rain rot, outer ear infections, yeast infections and rashes. This steroid-free, antibiotic-free, no-rinse solution is non-toxic and speeds healing.

  • Swat® Fly Repellent Ointment

    Manufacturer: Farnam Animal Health Care

    Repels house, stable, face, and horn flies. Effective for hours. For use on horses, ponies and dogs.Protects against biting and nuisance flies. Formulated for use around wounds, sores, scratches and abraisons, SWAT® ointment is your go-to solution. Ideal for use on sensitive, hard-to-reach areas. Available in Original Pink or Clear Formula; 6 oz. jar.

  • Nutrena® River Run® HI-NRG 24-20 Dog Food 

    Manufacturer: Cargill

    River Run® HI-NRG 24-20 Dog Food is a meat and bone meal based high-energy formula that provides the nutrition and calories for the sporting, working or highly active dog. The tasty, bite-size chunks are nutritionally balanced with all the vitamins and minerals necessary to keep pets healthy and to keep working and hunting dogs in peak condition.

  • Bio Spot® Spot On

    Model: 3006008

    Bio Spot® BreakAway® Flea & Tick Collar for Cats & Kittens with IGR kills fleas and flea eggs for up to 8 months. Kills fleas, flea eggs and ticks. Up to 8-month flea protection. Unique design minimizes risk of injury

  • Adams™ Flea & Tick Home & Carpet Spray

    Manufacturer: Adams Manufacturing Model: 3006101

    Adams™ Flea & Tick Home & Carpet Spray kills adult fleas and prevents pre-adult fleas from developing into biting adults. It protects the household from a buildup of fleas and reinfestation. One treatment protects for 210 days. Kills, fleas, ticks, roaches, ants, silverfish, crickets and spiders. No oily residue. No unpleasant odor.

  • Adams™ Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo with Precor®

    Manufacturer: Adams Manufacturing Model: 100503441

    Adams™ Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo with Precor® kills fleas, flea eggs, ticks and lice. It prevents flea eggs from hatching for 4 weeks as well as cleansing & deodorizing. For dogs puppies cats & kittens. Kills fleas, ticks, and lice on contact. Kills flea eggs for 28 days. Contains soothing aloe, lanolin & oatmeal.

  • Nature's Promise™ Western Timothy Hay

    Manufacturer: ZuPreem

    ZuPreem® Nature's Promise™ Western Timothy Hay is essential in the daily diets of growing and adult rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other small animals. This low-protein, long-strand fiber hay is the most recommended hay for everyday feeding.  Made with natural, sun-cured timothy hay. Tested and monitored for pesticides -safe for you and your pet.  No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. 

  • Zymox® Ear Cleanser

    ZYMOX® Ear Cleanser provides an effective, non-toxic way to manage dirty ears. The addition of Lacoperoxidase, Lactoferrin and Lysozyme, which have natural bio-active properties for mild microbe control, plus gentle cleaning surfactants, makes ZYMOX® Ear Cleanser perfect for cleaning dirty ears.  Does not contain harsh chemicals or cleaners to irritate sensitive ears. Leaves ears smelling fresh.

  • Diamond® Premium Adult Formula for Dogs

    Manufacturer: Diamond Pet Foods

    Specially designed to give active, athletic dogs the nutritional support they need to stay in peak physical condition. Precision Formulated with a balance of high-quality protein and fat to promote healthy muscle tissue and maintain stamina. Formulated to help maintain strength and stamina. Omega fatty acid balanced for skin and coat. Helps clean teeth and reduces plaque. Available in 40# and 50# bags.

  • Diamond® Puppy Formula

    Manufacturer: Diamond Pet Foods

    The correct balance of fat, protein, and other essential nutrients ensures your puppy receives the proper nutrients to grow strong and healthy. And, this formula meets the increased nutritional demands of pregnant or nursing adult dogs, too.

  • Diamond® Maintenance Formula for Dogs

    Manufacturer: Diamond Pet Foods

    Diamond® Maintenance Adult Dog Formula is designed for moderately active adult dogs and fed during most of a dog's life. This is a complete and balanced diet with added benefits to promote good health and long life. Omega fatty acid balanced for skin and coat. Helps clean teeth and reduces plaque. Available in 40# bag.

  • Diamond® Hi-Energy Formula for Dogs

    Manufacturer: Diamond Pet Foods

    Protein: 24% Fat: 20%. Meat-based formula specifically designed for highly active, energy-expending sporting and hardworking dogs. Proper levels of protein, fiber and sodium, combined with increased levels of vitamins and trace minerals, deliver metabolizable energy. Formulated to maintain weight and stamina. Exclusively formulated for hunting dogs. Available in 50# bag.

  • Diamond® Naturals Lamb Meal & Rice Adult Dog Formula

    Manufacturer: Diamond Pet Foods

    Lamb protein provides optimal nutrition for dogs that prefer the taste of lamb, or are sensitive to chicken or corn. Guaranteed levels of vitamin E and selenium ensure that your dog receives optimum antioxidant nutrition, while omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids keep the skin and coat healthy and shiny.

  • Petmate Vari Kennel Ultra-Large Dog

    Manufacturer: Petmate Pet Products

    Petmate’s Vari Kennel® Ultra provides your pet with a safe travel and training kennel. The durable plastic shell comes with heavy-duty, easy to assemble hardware. Each kennel features an easy-open squeeze latch, metal side vents to promote healthy air flow and an interior floor moat to keep your pet dry.

  • Black E-Coat Exercise Pen

    Manufacturer: Midwest Homes for Pets

    At MidWest Home for Pets you can find some exercise pens that are durable and affordable. Exercise Pens are good playing ground for your Pets whether indoors or outdoors. This exercise pen is made of Black E-Coat finish for long lasting protection.

  • SENTRY® HC WormX DS Liquid Wormer for Dogs

    Manufacturer: Sentry Model: 17500

    SENTRY® HC WormX DS Liquid Wormer for Dogs is a broad spectrum wormer effective in removing both hookworms and large roundworms. 2 oz.

  • PetAg KMR Powder Cat Milk Replacer

    Manufacturer: PetAg Model: FG99511

    All natural, no preservatives, made in the USA. A complete food source for orphaned or rejected kittens or those nursing, but needing supplemental feeding.