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  • Deer Stopper RTU

    Manufacturer: Messina Wildlife Model: DS-U-016

    Messinas Deer Stopper can be used to discourage deer, moose and elk from devastating plants (including gardens, shrubs, fowers and trees), bedding down and rubbing against tree trunks. With an abundant food supply and protection from the elements, deer will forage and feed leading to crop loss and other plant damage. To prevent further home and garden harm, apply Messinas Deer Stopper to key areas.

  • Reptile Stopper Granules 2.5#

    Manufacturer: Messina Wildlife Model: SN-G-001

    Messinas Reptile Stopper can be used to discourage snakes, lizards and other reptiles from foraging, nesting and entry damage. To prevent further home and garden harm, apply Messinas Reptile Stopper to key areas.

  • Purina® Antler Advantage® Deer 20

    Manufacturer: Purina

    Nutrition-packed, 20%-protein, pelleted ration designed to support the nutrition of deer in their native habitat. The high protein content supports top performance to support antler development in bucks and reproductive success in does. It is a high-quality nutritional package with ideal amounts and ratios of vitamins and minerals for antler development in your bucks. Good nutrition may also promotes abundant milk production for growing fawns.

  • Boss Buck 12 Volt Conversion Kit

    Our large 12 volt system , comes with a high torque motor , and the swing door slinger. Uses a 12 volt rechargeable battery , and has knock outs for the Boss Buck box mount solar panel or a traditional barrel mounted solar panel. Heavy duty steel mounting plate , and 1/4"-20 thumb bolts quickly attach and detach from the Boss Buck Non-Typical 200, 350, 600 or 1200 series feeders. Our design allows for the solar panel to be positioned even after the feeder has been filled. Simply rotate the Conversion kit to the position receiving the most ambient sunlight each day for optimal results. Timer holder allows the timer to stand upright.

  • Power Howler Coyote Call

    The “Power Howler” makes the best howls, barks and challenges of any call on the market. Comes with protective cap and two extra bands. Being designed from the famous “Power Bugle” elk call allowed us to use “Power Bands” for both calls.

  • Jack Jr. Predator Decoy

    The Jack Jr. predator decoy offers FOXPRO's jacked up chaotic motion. The Jack Jr. comes standard with a bird topper (which resembles a woodpecker) with a whisper quiet motor. The Jack Jr. allows for remote operation from your FOXPRO remote digital game call (FOXPRO remote digital game call sold separately). Simply connect a standard 3.5mm mono patch cable to the decoy, and the other end to your FOXPRO digital game call. The auxiliary button on your FOXPRO remote control will now start and stop the action of the Jack Jr.! All current and most older remote models are compatible with the Jack Jr. The Jack Jr. is proudly made in the USA.

  • True Color Led Hog Light

    SKU: 100024

    Get ready to light em' up with the Johnny Stewart® Feeder Light. Strap it to a feeder, a tree or post to light up the night and declare open season on your local population of hogs and predators. 6 feet off the ground, the Feeder Light will create a 30ft. perimeter of light. Motion, light and and/or the remote activate the high power red and green LED's to illuminate your prey.

  • On-Time 80 lb. T-Post Gravity Feeder 

    Model: 71800

    80 LB capacity. UV resistant - rigid polyethylene. 2 mounting options: Tree bracket or standard T-post. Covered downspout to protect from inclement weather. Steel mounting bracket.

  • Duke Dog Proof Coon Trap

    Model: 1112

    Duke Standard and Heavy Duty Cage Traps offer the ultimate variety in Humane Live Catch Cage Traps today. The Standard Cage Traps feature steel rod reinforced Spring Loaded Doors, pressure sensitive trip mechanisms and a durable, concealable green powder coated finish. For the animal control professional and trapper, Duke also offers top of the line Heavy Duty Cage Traps featuring all steel rod gravity drop doors, bait protected cage mesh, and a complete internal steel rod frame. All cage trap models are constructed to provide for exceptional durability with no harm to the animal.

  • GQF Plastic Game Chick Feeder 

    Model: 5003

    Substitution of poultry feeding equipment for game bird chicks has always been quite a problem to the game breeder. Poultry chick feeders permit the game chicks to get inside the feed and their droppings create a exceedingly unsanitary and unhealthy condition. Our Chick Feeder is specifically designed for game chicks (Quail, Chukar, Pheasant, etc..) and prevents droppings from getting in the feed.

  • Moultrie® FeedCaster 30 Gallon Fish Feeder 

    Manufacturer: Moultrie Feeders

    Put fish food in the water, not on your pier, using this extra-large directional tripod feeder with a narrow casting pattern for more precision and less waste.Manage your pond or lake and grow larger, healthier fish. Customize up to 6 daily feed times with a programmable digital timer, and enjoy more efficient feeding with a directional shroud engineered for maximum casting distance. A high-quality, UV- and rust-resistant hopper with a tapered design prevents feed from pooling on the bottom and sides and will weather many seasons to come.

  • Happy Herd Persimmon Long Range Corn Coat Attractant

    Happy Herd Nutrition’s Persimmon Long Range Corn Coat is a Deer, Bear and Hog Attractant that is highly concentrated. One 32 oz bottle can treat up to 1400 lbs of corn/pellets/feed, sit back and watch them come. It contains all natural oils and natural and artificial flavorings. Note: 1-3 oz per 100 lbs of feed or corn.

  • Tink's® Boost 73 Super Concentrate Liquid Deer Attractants

    Manufacturer: Tink's Model: W4101A

    Boost 73’s formula offers instant long range attraction for hunting with powerful food scents deer crave! Year round nutritional support with added minerals are best for your deer herd along with Enzyme Technology to assist in digestion. Support antler growth and overall herd health. 6 Deer lickin' flavors: Vanilla, Ripe Persimmon, Sugar Beet, Sweet Corn, Fall Acorn and Crisp Apple.

  • Primos® Bubblin' Crude Deer Attractant

    Manufacturer: Primos Hunting Model: 58546

    Proprietary formula reacts with water to expand and release aroma of sweet smelling attractant that deer cannot resist.Leaches into soil and creates long lasting bait site deer will return to. Great source of nutrients and vitamins.

  • Moultrie® 6.5 Gallon Easy Feed Demand Deer Feeder 

    Manufacturer: Moultrie Feeders

    Let deer do the work with this ultra-simple setup that uses gravity to dispense feed—no programming, timers or batteries required. Eliminate the hassle of repeatedly replacing batteries and give deer 24/7 access to feed with this gravity-driven hanging design. Just set it up and watch deer line up to feed by nudging the yellow rod. 

  • Moultrie® Dinner Plate Feeder Kit

    Manufacturer: Moultrie Feeders

    Let deer decide when to eat with the Moultrie Dinner Plate Feeder Kit, which dispenses feed on their schedule and can accommodate corn or protein pellets. Designed to offer flexible feeding options without the need for batteries or electronic timers, this simple yet effective feeder comes with a Quick-Lock adapter that lets you convert most barrels and hoppers to receive the Dinner Plate Kit, which easily snaps into place.

  • 4S Draw High Intensity Long Distance Deer Attractant 

    Manufacturer: Advanced Wildlife Solutions

    Ever wanted to see the deer from your neighbors property? Then, 4S DRAW is the tool for you! It has been tested and proven to be one of the top attractants on the market. Most customers say its the best product they have ever used. 4S Draw is a high intensity deer attractant formulated to feed and attract deer year round. In summer months it supplies much needed protein, by-pass protein, minerals and vitamins for enhanced antler and body growth. 4S Draw is also high in carbohydrates which is what deer crave in the winter months. Its intense smell will attract deer from afar and hold them on your property. Even after 4S DRAW has been devoured deer will continue to frequent the feeding site.

  • Moultrie Feed Station Gravity Deer Feeder

    Manufacturer: Moultrie Feeders

    With no electronics or moving parts to fail, this basic gravity model offers unbeatable value and unmatched ease of use. Simply strap it to a tree—no batteries, programming or assembly necessary. Moultrie’s Feed Station deer feeder also offers surprising versatility, dispensing a variety of feed types, from powders to corn to mixtures.

  • Moultrie Pro Hunter Quick-Lock Feeder Kit 

    Manufacturer: Moultrie Feeders

    Mounting to the bottom of any barrel or hopper using Moultrie’s exclusive Quick-Lock modular technology, the Pro Hunter Feeder Kit lets you decide how much you feed and when. Schedule up to 6 feeding times a day and cast feed in a 30-foot circle with metal moving parts. 

  • Evolved Harvest™ T-Raptor Hybrid Additive Plot Mixer

    Manufacturer: Plano Synergy Outdoor Products Model: 79915

    Plot Mixers T-Raptor seed produces an amazing forage crop by combining the best characteristics of rape and turnips into one easy to sow plant. Plot Mixer can be planted by itself for personal hunting plots or mixed with 2 -10 pounds of your favorite plot blend. This bottle will cover approximately 11,000 sq ft when planted alone.

  • Evolved Harvest™ 7 Card Stud Food Plot Seed

    Manufacturer: Plano Synergy Outdoor Products Model: 73027

    7 Card Stud is the most adaptive food plot available today. This incredible blend of forage variety plants covers your early, mid and late season needs to attract and hold deer on your property. The triticale, oats, winter peas, clover, chicory, turnip and radishes provide a blend your deer simply cannot resist. Coverage: 1/4 acre; 22,000 sq ft. Contents: Forage Oats, Forage Triticale, Winter Peas, Crimson Clover, Forage Turnip, Forage Chicory, Daikon Radish

  • Evolved Harvest™ Daikon Radish Additive Plot Mixers 

    Manufacturer: Plano Synergy Outdoor Products Model: 79919

    Plot Mixers Daikon Radish additive is the perfect food plot crop to add to your blend of choice. Our radish seed produces plants that are very nutritious and extremely palatable to your deer. Plot Mixers radish can be mixed with 2-10 pounds of you your favorite blend or can be over-seeded on existing plots since no tilling is required.

  • Primos® Swamp Donkey™ Molasses Stuffed Deer Block Attractant

    Manufacturer: Primos Hunting Model: 58731

    Hunters liken a Swamp Donkey®  to Big Foot. Some say they have proof of one and there are some that say they don’t exist. To us a Swamp Donkey®  is a Big Bad, Heavy Horned, Moss Backed Buck. Now you can attract and grow Swamp Donkey’s®  with our secret formula. 

  • Bat Magic Bat Repellent

    Manufacturer: Bonide Model: 876

    Drives bats from attics, blinds, wall voids, chimneys, and other confined spaces they like to hide in. Contains natural, essential oils packaged in convenient simple to use "place packs".