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  • Boss Buck 200 Gravity Fed Deer Feeder

    Manufacturer: Boss Buck

    These 200# Protein Wildlife feeders are the best! This maintenance FREE patented Hopper design gives you the flexibility to Gravity feed protein in the Spring & Summer and converts over to an Automatic feeding system in the Fall and Winter months. The Custom Designed head features a 10° angle, and a 1" overhang on the 4" I.D. feed ports. Each feed port has a drain hole to disperse any water that enters the tip of the feed port. Feeder ports are 34" from the ground. 

  • Boss Buck™ 72" Gravity Deer Feeder 

    Manufacturer: Boss Buck

    The 350 lb. capacity hopper has a thick wall of HDPE UV Protected plastic that will not rot, rust or leak! This maintenance FREE hopper system is the BEST SELLER in our line. With our Patented Free Choice Protein / Gravity Head you get the most moisture resistant free choice feeding system available on the market today! 

  • Proof Cam 02 Hunting Camera

    Manufacturer: Primos Hunting Model: 63055

    Built for one purpose: To give hunters the most reliable, most simple-to-use camera money can buy with all the functions that really matter and none of the extras that don't.

  • Free Range 3.5 Gallon Poultry Drinker

    Manufacturer: Harris Farms LLC. Model: 4221

    Molded from long-life plastic with durable fountain. Easy-to-fill and easy-to-clean drinker features a twist-lock system and hanger/carry-handle. Accommodates up to 56 chickens or game birds.

  • Biologic Perfect Pond Liquid Pond Fertilizer (1 Gallon)

    With BioLogic’s Perfect Pond Plus, no mixing is required, no platforms and only five pounds per acre needs to be applied, making pond fertilization as easy as possible. Containing that micronutrient package, this fertilizer can be sent from the bank, off a pier, or can even be poured from the side of a boat. Therefore, with a breeze at your back, a five-acre pond can be fertilized from a single location. The fertilizer dissolves in the upper two feet of the pond, and can be distributed throughout the water by wind currents.

  • Bonide Hot Pepper Wax Animal Repellent

    Manufacturer: Bonide Model: 127

    A natural repellent for use on fruits, vegetables and ornamentals. Even stops animals from chewing wood structures and fences. One application can last up to 4 weeks. Made from hot cayenne peppers.

  • Ol' Tom Turkey Gear Tri-AIR Turkey Seat

    Manufacturer: Ol' Tom Turkey Gear

    Ol Tom Turkey Gear Tri-AIR turkey seat.

  • Tink’s® Hot Shot #69 Doe-in-Rut® Mist

    Model: W5310

    Internal Bag separates the urine from the pressurizing agent so there is no contamination. System allows the entire product to be dispensed. Sprays longer than traditional spray cans.

  • Moultrie 55 Gallon Protein Tripod Deer Feeder

    Manufacturer: Moultrie Feeders

    The new Moultrie Protein Tripod Deer Feeder was designed with the trophy buck in mind. This gravity feeder will keep big bucks separated while feeding and the unique design keeps deer at a safer distance from the feeder, reducing the possibility of trophy bucks damaging their antlers during velvet.

  • Big & J Long Range Attractants

    Transform your corn or feed into a powerhouse attractant by adding Big & J's XX™ Enhance. XX™ Enhance is a concentrated attractant designed specifically to add to corn or feed. Developed using a proprietary refining process, XX™ Enhance features an intense aroma so it will attract more deer from further away.

  • Tecomate Greenfield Seed

    Manufacturer: Tecomate Wildlife

    This mix has one purpose – attract and concentrate fall deer for great hunting! Yet, also provides vital fall and winter nutrition needed to keep rutting bucks in good shape. Premium cereal grains and high-protein winter peas combine with forage turnips and sensational forage and bulb-producing rape/turnip hybrid to guarantee greatest attraction during hunting season after “frost-curing” causes the brassica’s sugar content and palatability to increase and after the sugar-loaded bulbs mature. Suitable nationwide.

  • Boss Buck Capacity Gravity / Protein Feeder

    Manufacturer: Boss

    Thick wall of HDPE UV Protected plastic. Quick and easy conversion from protein to automatic timer. Hopper weight 30lbs. All galvanized hardware. Lid designed with loose fit to allow proper ventilation. 3-Way system has 10" ports with 4" I.D. openings for a deer's muzzle. Approximately holds: 350# Corn / 300# Large Protein Pellets. Converts to Hanging Feeder.

  • Moultrie® Pro-Lock Tripod Deer Feeder

    Manufacturer: Moultrie Feeders

    Moultrie® has taken their two most popular feeders and made them even better. Moultrie’s 30-gallon Pro-Lock Feeder feature fast and easy assembly – in 10 minutes or less! No tools necessary! Simply fasten the hopper with included wing nuts, screw on the cap, twist and lock the feeder kit into place, and secure the legs. It’s that simple. Spend more time planning your hunt and less time assembling feeders.

  • Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent Concentrate

    Manufacturer: Liquid Fence Company

    Stop throwing your money away on replanting or repellent solutions that don't work. Liquid Fence is the repellent that stops deer and rabbit damage. And best of all, it does it with ingredients which you don't have to worry about your kids, pets or plants!

  • Wild Game Food Sorghum Seed

    Wild game food plot sorghum, or milo, is an early maturing sorghum seed reaching mid bloom at about 40-50 days after emergence. WGF Sorghum is great for spring and summer food plots for deer and game birds.  WGF Sorghum is bird resistant which keeps migrating flocks of blackbirds from stripping it in late summer. 50# bag.

  • Brown Top Millet Seed

    Browntop Millet is a warm season annual seed crop. Browntop Millet performs or grows best in well drained soils.  Browntop Millet seed is a great choice for dove fields, duck plots, quail, turkey, pheasant, deer, food plots and exotic bird feed. Browntop millet can sprout within five days of moisture. 50# bag.

  • Iron Clay Cow Peas

    Iron Clay Peas are a warm season Legume used as an added ingredient to Spring, Summer and Fall food plots for wildlife.  Excellent for quail, dove & deer. Iron Clay Cow Peas produce forage in 45 days and mature seed in 100 days. 50# bag.

  • Peredovik Sunflower Seed

    Black Oil Peredovik Sunflowers are popular feed items with birds of every description. They tend to be tall growing and produce compact seedheads which can reach diameters in the inches on some varieties. 50# bag.

  • Sav-A-Caf® Grade A Ultra 24 Multi-Purpose Milk Replacer

    Manufacturer: Sav-A-Caf Model: 42804

    Grade A Ultra 24 is truly the "Gold Standard" for multi-purpose milk replacers. This product is made with 100% milk proteins for optimum digestibility and performance in calves, foals, baby pigs, puppies, lambs, goat kids, llama and alpaca crias, fawns and elk calves. It is also formulated for use as a nursing supplement in kittens.

  • Pied Piper Floating Turtle Trap

    Model: 506

    Size: 24" x 28" x 17". The trap has an aluminum frame and ramps and the basket is made of 1" x 1" 14 gauge Galvanized wire. The hinges are made of Stainless Steel. Place trap in water, tie rope to eye bolt so the trap can be pulled into shore when needed.

  • The Buck Bomb Doe In Estrus

    Manufacturer: The Buck Bomb

    The Buck Bomb Doe In Estrus scent is the most effective way to get to get Estrus scent out to the big boys from a long distance. The Buck Bomb Doe In Estrus is 5-ounces of pure, fresh doe in heat urine.

  • The Buck Bomb Pathfinder

    Manufacturer: The Buck Bomb

    New for 2013, Buck Bomb introduces Pathfinder! Pathfinder is a revolutionary way to mark trails to your treestand, blind, honey hole, favorite fishing spot, and more. Simply spray Pathfinder on the trees you want to makr in short, quick strokes. It's that simple!

  • Tecomate® Max-Attract Food Plot Seed

    Manufacturer: Tecomate Wildlife Model: 600

    The World’s Best “Hunting Plot” Mix. Formulated for MAXIMUM fall attraction. Mix of high-protein, high-preference clovers, peas, vetch and chicory plus forage oats and fast-growing triticale, the Cadillac of cereal grains. Suitable nationwide. No other fall planting comes close. Excellent for turkeys. Plant spring or fall in North / fall in South. 40 lbs.

  • Tecomate® Chicory Food Plot Seed

    Manufacturer: Tecomate Wildlife Model: 200

    One of the hottest, most versatile plants on the wildlife scene. Blend of best varieties. Fast-growing, highly preferred and nutritious. Great fall hunting plot. Grows virtually anywhere on all soils and produces nearly year-round. Great standalone or perfect for blending, especially with legumes. Drought resistant. Turns ordinary mixes into something special. Plant spring or fall in North / fall in South. 3 lbs.

  • Record Rack® Golden Deer Nuggets™

    Manufacturer: Cargill

    Record Rack® Golden Deer Nuggets™ are specially designed to attract and nourish deer with a unique nutrition-packed formula. Ideal for replacing deer corn.