• Deluxe Adjustable Kennel Cover 

    Manufacturer: Drake Innovators in Waterfowl Hunting

    Drake Waterfowl has been keeping you comfortable and ready for the hunt for over a decade, and now you can give your most trusted hunting partner the same level of function and comfort. We’ve built tons of organizational and protective features into the Deluxe Adjustable Kennel Cover to stand up to life in the back of a truck.

  • Drake Waterfowl Shoulder Bag

    Manufacturer: Drake Innovators in Waterfowl Hunting

    Both sizes of the Blind Bag 2.0 are loaded with pockets and features for organizing your gear so you can find items quickly when it matters. The Large bag has 18 pockets and the X-Large bag has 20 pockets. The main storage compartment is protected by 2 liners. Constructed with a seam-welded vinyl internal liner overlaid with our vinyl organizer, we’ve taken extra steps in creating a waterproof compartment from the bottom to the zipper.

  • Summit® Junior Sport Safety Harness 

    Model: SU83086

    The most important piece of hunting equipment your child will need for a day in the woods, Summit’s Youth Sport Safety Harness was made expressly to give junior climbers the most secure fit. Manufactured by Ebsco.

  • Muddy® Heavy Weight Game Gambrel

    Model: GB12G

    Heavy-duty gambrel to hoist deer and other game for cleaning, skinning, and butchering.

  • WildGame Innovations® Wild Estrus Dripper® Attractant

    Manufacturer: Wildgame Innovations Model: 00398

    Put them on a hot doe’s trail (or so they’ll think) with the Wild Estrus scent attractant series. Wild Estrus has its benefits year-round: calm deer during the off-season, and send them a scent they won’t be able to resist during the rut. It also uses Glo-Cote® UV-enhanced visual attraction so deer can see it and smell it.

  • Primos® Hardwood™ Grunter Deer Call

    Manufacturer: Primos Hunting Model: 701

    Primos® introduced its first deer grunt call in 1984. Made from a select hardwood, this call was an instant winner. Now the quality and rich tones of old have been combined with a few twists of new technology. We have combined the durability, flexibility, and convenience of an extendible grunt tube with the rich tones of a high-quality hardwood barrel to bring you the Hardwood® Grunter.

  • Primos® Bloodhunter HD Pocket Light

    Manufacturer: Primos Hunting Model: 61108

    Not every animal drop in its track. Have the right tool for the job. Make every drop count. Because at the end of every blood trail we want you to rest in peace.

  • Stink Stick® Yellow Scent Dispenser with EverCalm Deer Herd Scent

    Model: 94922160041

    The yellow color is great for visibility and for marking yardages! EverCalm in Wax Tube Formula for No Leak, No Mess, and No Spills!! Tapered thread (instead of o-rings) keep air out, scent fresh! Leak-free design; safe for your pack! Works in sub-freezing temperatures! Rugged design for long-lasting performance!

  • Top Secret® Deer Scents Hot Mama Deer Scent 

    Model: TS1001S

    Use HOT MAMA deer scent during the late season (Peak-Rut) by placing on a scent drag and trailing to your treestand. 1oz. spray. 

  • Black Widow® The Matriarch Premium Doe Estrus

    Model: 01

    This estrus urine is collected only at the peak of the Estrus Cycle from the mature dominant does in our herd.  These are the does the "BIG BUCKS" prefer to breed with.  We carefully collect and bottle this urine so it is one doe per bottle.  Making "The Matriarch" the most premium estrus lure on the market. 3 oz.

  • Black Widow® Hot-N-Ready XXX Southern Whitetail Doe Estrus 

    Model: 04

    This scent is the finest estrus lure in the market!  Hot-N-Ready XXX is only collected during the absolute peak of the estrus cycle when the doe is ready to stand and breed. These does are so hot we had to give it a triple X rating.  3 oz.

  • Black Widow® Widow Maker 3-pk Scent Sticks 

    Model: 23

    This is the most versatile scent dispenser on the market. The Widow Maker Scent Stick can be hung from a branch, or easily stuck in the ground when hunting a field. The double o-ring design prevents leaks and allows you to adjust how much wick you want to expose. They are packaged in three colors allow them to double as yardage markers, and our highly reflective band makes them easy to find after dark. The two-piece design easily comes apart to allow you to add your favorite Black Widow Deer Lure and to, replace the felt wick when needed.

  • Millennium Shooting Stick Mount

    Manufacturer: Millennium Tree Stands Model: Millennium Shooting Stick Mount

    The T-102 Tripod shooting stick mount is constructed of aluminum and is to be used in conjunction with the Primo's mono stick model 6549. The T-102 shooting stick mounts easily and adapts to T-100 tripod footrest. Can adapt to left and right handed hunters.

  • The Outlaw Grunt Game Call

    Manufacturer: Knight & Hale Model: KHD0020-T

    The Outlaw is a modern design call in the Bone Collector Line that brings in a level of design that Knight & Hale. The Outlaw features a new, multi-call design that fills in an important gap in the KnH catalog. The Outlaw has a never-before-seen innovative reed design that creates a more balanced back pressure, as well as a deeper and louder sound. The updated reed system keeps it from blowing out and locking up. The soft-rubber design of the Outlaw has a comfortable, but durable feel that is easy to manipulate, and the debossed logo designs provide additional grip.

  • Flextone Extractor 4-n-1 Deer Call

    Manufacturer: Plano Synergy Outdoor Products

    X-Glide™ slide adjustment for variable tones. Loud snort wheezes. Rubber hose for natural tones. Freeze-proof design.


  • Flextone Battle Bones

    Manufacturer: Plano Synergy Outdoor Products

    2 full racks design for maximum long-range sounds. Antler Mass Technology™ for realistic rattling tones. Hex grip handles for better hold and control. New off-set handles reduce hands from being hit during rattling.

  • The Muddy ProCam 10 Camera

    The Pro Cam 10 is the second trail camera in Muddy Outdoors’ new game camera lineup. This economical value of a trail camera features 10-megapixel images and invisible flash. The Pro cam 10 trail camera runs off of 6 AA batteries which last for 10,000 images and offers a 1.5-second trigger speed with a 50 ft detection range. This camera offers all the bells and whistles of a solid trail camera with a better price for hunters. The body of this trail camera is made from a non-reflective molded ABS waterproof housing that can resist temperatures as low as -10°F and up to 140°F.

  • Millennium M50 Hang-On Stand

    Manufacturer: Millennium Tree Stands Model: M50

    Hunt you favorite spot without concern. The M50 has integrated the interlock LEVELING System to assure the hunter is comfortable. It's comfortable and quiet!

  • Covert Solar Panel

    You no longer have to worry about your camera dying. Covert’s new solar panel is the cure. The solar panel works with all 2014-2017 Covert model cameras that use 12 batteries.

  • Covert Code Black 12.1 Scouting Camera 

    Model: 5311 | 5304

    Covert Scouting Cameras uses approved leading cellular network from AT&T. New for 2017 is the ability to send texts, emails or both within the Covert Wireless mobile app and web-portal. Improved functionality of the app including guest access and the ability to retrieve high resolution images. With the addition of more LED’s, night pictures are better than ever. The Code Black 12.1 sends instant pictures using AT&T’s approved cellular network. Reliability at its finest, Covert Scouting Cameras continues to revolutionize the wireless trail camera industry. Covert Cameras is the leader in wireless trail cameras.

  • Two-Tone Gun Case 

    Manufacturer: Drake Innovators in Waterfowl Hunting

    This tough, durable gun case has 10mm of flotation foam to guard your shotgun during trips in and out of the field and protect your investment in the event that it falls in the water. Accommodates guns up to 53” with padded protection, but has 2” of additional capacity with adjustable fold-over flap.

  • Guardian Elite™ Eqwader™ 1/4 Zip 

    Manufacturer: Drake Innovators in Waterfowl Hunting

    Designed for the unpredictable temperatures of mid-season, the Guardian Elite™ Eqwader™ 1/4 Zip is now equipped with even more waterproof features than before, plus an all-new heathered look. Our Fowl-Proof™ zippers compliment the taped seams and waterproof fabric, making this our most elite Eqwader™ offering to date. Staying true to our Eqwader™ design (patent #7,318,239), this is the only garment that delivers waterproof protection up top and maximum breathability below, forming the ultimate wader jacket.

  • Muddy® Portable Bale Blind 

    47” wide x 20” tall waterfowl window. Large zippered door. 8 Windows: 12” wide x 16” tall. Windows are reversible, with burlap on one side and black on the other. Bottom wind flaps. Packs away to fit in a truck bed for portability. Brush ties and brush strips throughout the blind.

  • Muddy® Bale Blind

    64” wide x 27” tall waterfowl drop down window, easy one-hand operation. Large zippered door with window. 4 windows 6” wide x 16” tall. 6 windows 12” wide x 16” tall. Windows are reversible, with burlap on one side and black on the other; slide easily on bungees. Bottom wind flaps.

  • Millennium M360 Revolution Treestand 

    Manufacturer: Millennium Tree Stands Model: M-360-SL

    Introducing the all-new M-360 Revolution, a one-of-a-kind 360 degree rotating tree stand designed to make those difficult behind-the-tree shots easier. The ample platform allows for standing shots, with no cables to trip over. Unique accessories are available for both gun and bow hunting.