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  • Rescue Reusable WHY Traps

    Manufacturer: Rescue Pest Control

    The RESCUE!® W·H·Y® Trap catches 5 species of Paper Wasps; Bald-faced Hornets and European Hornets; and 12 species of Yellowjackets.

  • AmeriAg Mineral Feeder 

    Weather Proof, Spill Proof, Bull Proof, Wind Proof,  Portable, Durable, Economical, Versatile and Dependable.

  • Old Timer® Ramrod Folding Pocket Knife

    Manufacturer: BTI Tools Model: #980-Old Timer

    980-OT Old Timer® Ramrod Folding Pocket Knife

  • B&W 10' Metal Feed Bunk

    10' Red Metal Feed Bunk.

  • Century Plastic Bale Feeder For Cattle

    Model: CLF 8x46

    Feeder for Round Bales of Hay

  • Equine Fresh Pine Pellets 

    Equine Fresh® pine pellets horse bedding cuts stall cleaning time in half! It is easier and more economical than shavings. The pine pellets are dust free, mold, bacteria and insect resistant.

  • 15-Gallon ATV Spreader Hopper

    Model: MFHP81021

    15-Gallon replacement hopper with lid for ATV Spreader. Color - Black

  • Reward® Landscape and Aquatic Herbicide 

    Reward® Landscape and Aquatic Herbicide provides no-wait control to a variety of aquatic weeds and is ideal for non-selective weed control in turf and landscapes as well as a trim and edge tool. It is a non-selective, highly active herbicide for control of floating, submerged and marginal aquatic weeds. Reward provides fast burn-down, works in cold weather and rainfast in as little as 30 minutes. The active ingredient, diquat dibromide, has been used successfully in sensitive aquatic areas for over 25 years.

  • WeeDestroy® AM-40 Selective Weed Killer

    Weedestroy AM40 is a selective weed killer for control of many broadleaf weeds and brush control in corn, soybeans (preplant), small grains, pastures, rangelands, and other listed crops and non-crop areas. Weedestroy AM40 is also for aquatic weed control, control of trees by injection, and tank mixes.

  • Relegate® Selective Herbicide 

    Relegate offers ranchers and producers flexible, long-lasting brush control specifically designed for range and pastures. With unbeatable safety to grasses, Relegate offers control of more than 35 brush species, plus many tough broadleaf weeds, ultimately leading to healthier pastures.

  • Surf-AC® 820 Surfactant 

    Surf-Ac® 820 is a premium non-ionic surfactant to enhance spray ingredient performance by providing more uniform distribution. High quality 80% surfactant that provides excellent wetting and spreading. Contains anti-foaming agents.

  • Victor® Rat Glue Traps 

    Manufacturer: Woodstream Corp

    Victor® glue traps were designed to capture mice and rats, but they can also help you rid your home of other pests as well. Simple to use and easy to place, glue traps don’t require any bait and can be disposed of after a capture.

  • Ramik® Mouser Refillable Bait Station 

    Manufacturer: Neogen

    The Ramik® Refillable Bait Station is a great option for the homeowner looking for an effective rodent control solution. The package includes a refillable bait station and mini bars. The Ramik mini bars contain a proven and effective anticoagulant rodenticide and will be kept securely inside the bait station. The station's two small openings allow easy access for mice to enter and feed, but prohibit access to children.

  • Boss Buck 12 Volt Solar Panel 

    This universal-mount 12V Solar Panel for Feeders comes complete with mounting bracket, hardware and wire guard varmint shield. Wire nuts have Boss Buck's exclusive thumb bolts for tool free mounting of wire guard to the control box.

  • Compact Disc

    Manufacturer: Tarter Farm & Ranch Model: ATVCD

    Ideal for tilling game plots and gardens quickly and efficiently. Adjustable tongue with 2″ ball hitch for easily pulling behind 4-wheelers. 10 notched blades for deep and maximum cutting. Heavy-duty 2″ square tube frame. Transport disc on 11″ wheels using the easy center mount crank jack. 36″ operating width. Features our durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat finish.

  • Chain Harrows 

    Manufacturer: Tarter Farm & Ranch

    Ideal for smoothing yards and garden soil or dragging driveways, riding tracks, and arena footing. Attaches to garden tractors and ATV's. Metal teeth are designed for grabbing soil or grading surfaces. Harrows are 4' x 4' in size and can be assembled in a variety of configurations.

  • 12' Corral Panels Galvinized or Painted 

    Available in green, red, and galvanized.

  • 10' Feed Trough with Galvinized Base

    Our most popular bunk feeder features high quality galvanized steel with a very durable poly liner. Perfect for cattle and feeder calves. A very high quality product at a very affordable price. Available in 5 foot and 10 foot lenghts.

  • Rescue® TrapStik® for Wasps

    Manufacturer: Sterling

    The TrapStik® for Wasps catches paper wasps, carpenter bees and mud daubers. The TrapStik® for Wasps uses new VisiLure® technology to lure these stinging insects with appealing colors and a multi-dimensional pattern. Wasps are attracted by the colors and patterns on the TrapStik®, then get stuck to the adhesive surface.

  • Freedom Brand Heavy Duty Sifter Pan 

    The Standard Metal Sifter is excellent for land trappers in making land sets.  This sifter is 8" x 10", and, while not a heavy duty sifter that will last a lifetime, is a favorite of many trappers.

  • Freedom Brand Rolling Cage 

    Freedom Brand Rolling Cages are designed for ease of use and are built to last. They have a carrying handle and handle guard and a swinging door which is extremely easy to latch and unlatch.

    These rolling cages are a great training aid to help get your pup started.

    The standard size rolling cage has a diameter of 15" and is 18" long. The large size rolling cage has a diameter of 18" and is 24" long.

  • ATV Sprayer 

    ATV Sprayer. Available sizes 15 and 25 gallons 

  • Baler Twine Plastic and Sisal 

    Model: 874

    Baler Twine Sisal 2 Ball Pk 9000' or 16000'. Baler Twine Plastic Single Ball Pk 20000'. 

  • Fencing Staples Sold By The Pound

    Fencing Staples Sold By The Pound