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HealthyCoat Kickin Chicken SupplementĀ 

Kickin’ Chicken is formulated specially for your flock! Working to brighten plumage, ease molting stress, increase egg production and improve overall health.

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HealthyCoat’s Kickin’ Chicken is great for increasing the production of large omega-rich eggs as well as improving health after a molting season. Molting is the period when a bird will shed its feathers as a result of a laying season ending, stress or reduced hours of daylight. As a bird molts, their body begins to divert their energy and nutrients to the feather regrowth process rather than the production of eggs. This can result in a reduced or even stopped production of eggs. However, supplementing HealthyCoat to your poultry will enhance their appetite and keep them on feed, which will go hand-in-hand with egg production.