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4S Draw High Intensity Long Distance Deer Attractant 

Manufacturer: Advanced Wildlife Solutions

Ever wanted to see the deer from your neighbors property? Then, 4S DRAW is the tool for you! It has been tested and proven to be one of the top attractants on the market. Most customers say its the best product they have ever used. 4S Draw is a high intensity deer attractant formulated to feed and attract deer year round. In summer months it supplies much needed protein, by-pass protein, minerals and vitamins for enhanced antler and body growth. 4S Draw is also high in carbohydrates which is what deer crave in the winter months. Its intense smell will attract deer from afar and hold them on your property. Even after 4S DRAW has been devoured deer will continue to frequent the feeding site.

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It is widely known that corn is one of the most popular attractants for deer but that can be misleading. Although deer consume corn well that doesn’t mean its meeting their nutritional needs. 4S Draw offers 2x the protein and fat of corn with added vitamins and minerals to promote antler growth and help support overall herd health. 4S DRAW has the same captivating qualities to deer wet or dry. When getting average rainfall it will crust over but deer will continue to devour it. Its rapid response formula, in most cases, will have deer showing up in 1 to 5 hours after being poured out. Results may vary depending on conditions and time of day when used.