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The Spur Crystal Friction Turkey Call

Manufacturer: WoodHaven Custom Calls

When developing new friction calls, our number one goal is to build calls that continue to raise the bar in sound quality and realism! WoodHaven’s NEW Maple “SPUR Crystal” does just that!

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The “SPUR Crystal” is built into a Walnut pot with a Maple soundboard which offers a very true turkey sound.  This call comes with two hand-matched strikers, one being our hickory striker and the other being walnut that that will offer each hunter the ability to sound like two different hens. The “SPUR Crystal” produces great two-tone yelps as well as great cutts, cackles, and purrs.  This call affords you the ability to call both loud and soft.  The all new “SPUR Crystal” is very user friendly and is soon to be a favorite among turkey hunters nationwide!