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EST Eqwader Wading System

Manufacturer: Drake Innovators in Waterfowl Hunting Model: DW238

This EST Eqwader Wading System is full of top of the line features that make hunting more enjoyable.

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Vertical Call Pouch with Magnattach

The Vertical Call Pouch with Magnattach closure is the perfect place to stash your calls when not in use. Don't you hate it when your calls swing and bounce around with the slightest movement? We do too, which is why we designed our waders with this specialized call pocket. No more stuffing your calls inside your shirt pocket or tucking them into your waders to keep them in place. Simply place your calls in the Vertical Call Pouch and they will stay in place while you put out decoys, work with your dog, or set up your blind. The Magnattach closure utilizes a magnet that quickly and effortlessly allows you to open and close the pocket. This pocket is constructed with a mesh bottom for drainage and breathability.

License/Key Pouch with Waterproof Zipper
This pocket is designed to securely store important items like your hunting license, keys, or even a camera. The welded seams and waterproof zipper block out water to keep these items safe and dry. The ergonomic vertical placement makes it easy to work the zipper and access the gear inside.

Large Front Cargo Pouch

This top-loading pocket is designed to hold larger items. The Magnattach closure keeps your gear from spilling out when you bend over to pick up decoys or retrieve birds, yet makes it easy to open and close when you need to access it quickly. This pocket makes the perfect place to stash gloves, face mask, or snacks.

High & Dry Security Pouch with Waterproof Zipper

This internal pocket is located on the back side of the bib against your body. The secure location and waterproof zipper make this a great place to keep your cell phone, GPS, or other electronic device. The top-loading design of the High & Dry Security Pouch make it easy to see the contents and access them quickly.

No-Buckle Shoulder Straps

Our uniquely designed shoulder straps elliminate the need for a buckle to keep your shoulders free and clear for shouldering a shotgun. Instead of buckles, the shoulder straps connect with hook-and-look closure. Slits in the neoprene strap create numerous points of adjustment, allowing you to find the perfect fit based on your height or the layers worn under your waders.

HD2™ Reinforcement

When we set out to build the best waders available, we knew that durability was a top priority. That's why we used our rugged HD2™ fabric to reinforce the seat, thighs, knees, and shins of our waders. The HD2™ fabric is added to high-wear areas to prevent much of the wear and tear that comes with hardcore waterfowl hunting. Sitting on rough seats in blinds, leaning against trees or logs, bumping into underwater stumps and logs, and kneeling on hard ground are all basic things that waterfowlers do ever day, but your waders shouldn't have to pay the price. Our HD2™ fabric protects all of these critical areas of the waders and makes sure that they can stand up to the demands of your hunt.

Against-the-Body Handwarmer

Rather than putting our handwarmer pocket on the outside of the waders like everyone else, we designed our Against-the-Body Handwarmer on the back side of the bib so it will always retain your body heat. This fleece-lined handwarmer pocket also provides a comfortable place above the water level to rest your hands when the shooting action slows down. Many hunters choose not to wear gloves because they interfere with working a call or handling a shotgun, so our Against-the-Body Handwarmer provides a place that you can count on to stay toasty when you need to warm up between shots.

Reinforced Knee Pads

As we've been field-testing these waders for the past couple of years, the Reinforced Knee Pads have proven to be a life saver. Simple things like kneeling down in a boat to pick up decoys can be a killer on your knees, but you won't give it a second thought with our waders. The internal knee pads are constructed of closed-cell foam and faced with our HD2 material for maximum protection and durability. These knee pads protect against underwater logs and stumps, or anything else that gets in your way while hunting.

Boot-Lok™ Buckles

This revolutionary feature is designed to eliminate ankle-fit boots that fit poorly and don't perform in most hunting situations. The adjustable Boot-Lok system allows you to get exactly the right fit based on your body type and the layers worn underneath your waders. Once the Boot-Loks are locked into place, you'll have no trouble trudging through the worst mud and snow. The Boot-Lok system also makes it easy to put on and take off our waders. Rugged HD2 boot guards extend down over the ankles of the boots to keep mud and debris from collecting around the Boot-Loks. No more "one size fits all" ankle fit boots - find your customized fit with our Boot-Lok system.

Horizontal Shell Loops

Great for storing 6 extra shells so they are always close at hand. The horizontal placement makes them easy to access with a natural right-to-left or left-to-right motion. The shell loops are constructed of neoprene to shield them from the weather and keep your shells securely in place.